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We supply a full range of specialist seats for schools and educational institutions to suit all age ranges including pupils and staff.

Chairs we can supply include:
  • Saddle Stools
  • Traditional Stools
  • Sit Stools
  • Stainless Chairs
  • Saddles
  • Nature fold-out sets
Specialist chairs are typically used in art departments, labs, staff facilities and also canteens and common areas.

As industry experts we can help devise the most appropriate solution for your establishment.

Fold Out Benches

We can supply fold out benches for common areas, eating areas, and sports halls etc where space is limited and flexibility is paramount. The fold-out set as standard offers considerable versatility although we can always offer completely bespoke solutions with custom fabricated items.

Cabinets and Cupboards

Changing Rooms


School Chairs, Saddle Stools, Traditional Stools, Sit Stools, Stainless Chairs, Saddles, Nature fold-out sets