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Cabinets and Cupboards

We offer a full range of cabinets and cupboards from suppliers such as WFI, Elite, Lion Steel and Moresecure.

Our aim is to offer bespoke solutions for school requirements at any level from sourcing replacement items through to fitting out new schools and departments.

Filing Cabinets

A popular requirement for schools are filing cabinets which are available in all styles to suit including traditional, lateral, catalogue cabinets and plan-file cabinets as well as custom fabricated units.

Post Lockers

Many of our customers look to us to fulfill specialist storage requirements such as post lockers and pigeon hole systems suited specifically to their institution. By using us to supply your school requirements for specialist cabinets and cupboards you are benefiting from our 20+ years of experience dealing with schools and educational institutes.

Stationery Cupboards

We can supply large volumes of standard items such as stationery cupboard in a range of colours and specifications such as size, locks, shelving and warranties.


Changing Rooms


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