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We supply a wide range of chairs for industry ranging from basic stacking chairs through to office chairs, ergonomic chairs and specialist workshop chairs and seats.

Industrial Chairs We offer a wide range of chairs including :
  • Stools
  • Sit Stands
  • Welding Stools
  • ESD Chairs
  • Universal Chairs
  • Conference and Canteen Chairs
  • Office Chairs
  • Work Shop Creepers
  • Stainless Chairs
  • Economy Chairs (polyurethane-foam or wood)
  • Clean Room Chairs
  • High Chairs

Sit Stands

Sit Stands offer a practical and ergonomic solution for those who have to work standing up, or who can only sit for very short moments at a time. Industrial Sit Stands

Welding Stools

Welding stools offer a stable seat for welding with shock-proof plastic seating and solid and steady steel base Spider with foot ring. Available in a wide range of heights.

Work Shop Creepers

We can supply work shop creepers for garage environments for full mobility and easy manoeuvring beneath vehicles. They are manufactured in a strong and easy-to-clean plastic surface with neck-support for further comfort.

We can also offer a variant with an adjustable back support and a lift-off tray so that the user always can easily manage tools whilst working.

Work Shop Creepers

Cabinets and Cupboards

Changing Rooms


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