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Cabinets and Cupboards

We supply a range of cabinets and cupboards for industrial work places.

Typical items include:
  • Standard Cupboards
  • First Aid Cabinets
  • Security Cupboards
  • Hazardous Cabinets
  • Work Stations
  • Computer Cabinets

Standard Cupboards

We supply a standard range of economical and robust storage cupboards in a variety of sizes and colours.

First Aid Cabinets

We can supply a range of first aid cabinets including medical work station for your industrial environment.

Security Cupboards

Security cupboards are ideal for storing vulnerable equipment being used in the workplace as well as minor valuables including tool bits, printer cartridges and items easily stolen.

Hazardous Cabinets

A range of bright yellow cabinets and cupboards for the storage of Hazardous chemicals including cleaning fluids, paints and acids. Cabinets are independently assessed to HSG51 and SR24 of the Health and Safety at Work legislation.

Work Stations

We can supply a range of work stations for industrial environments with sloped tops for writing, drawers for tools and racks etc.

Computer Cabinets

We can supply computer cabinets with fan and filter ventilation in a variety of configurations ranging from simple screen and keyboard wall mounts to full shutter door control work places with space for storage, printers and routers etc.

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