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We can supply small and large scale hotels with all their locker requirements including standard key operated lockers as well as coin operated lockers.

We can also specify, procure and install wet area lockers for use by the pool, in gyms, saunas, jacuzzi areas and spas.

We can offer standard paint finished lockers as well as stylised lockers with flush fitting wooden doors.


Painted lockers can be offered with BioCote which unique patent protected silver based anti-microbial coating that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms - some potentially lethal - on surfaces. It is an additive which is applied at the painting stage and lasts the life of the painted surface.

Punched Door Lockers

Security lockers come with large door perforations to allow visual access to the locker whilst providing secure storage. Ideal for customer items left with reception or hotel management for safe storage.

Engineer Lockers

Engineer lockers offer a large storage area for employees that have bulky work wear and equipment to store such as security guards.

Utility Lockers

Utility lockers combine shelves and garment hanging in a spacious locker for storage of work wear, equipment and personal items.

Garment Management Lockers

Garment management lockers are used for the controlled issue of workwear with users having key access to their individual secure compartment to collect clean clothing. One main door gives access to all compartments for re-stocking.

Cabinets and Cupboards

Changing Rooms


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