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We offer chairs for a wide range of sectors including industry, hotels and schools.

Our focus is on the specification and supply of specialist chairs such as ergonomic chairs, adjustable stools and ESD chairs for factory environments.

Adjustable Stools

Adjustable stools with moulded polyurethane foam seats and a range of bases including rubber feet and wheels are avaialble for all work places.

For greater stability we can offer spider base stools as well as stools with trays and compartments for ease of tool storage and tool access, popular in manufacturing environments such as garages.

The moulded polyurethane foam seats are ideal for engineering environments where acids and chemicals are present but we can offer the same range with upholstered seating for office and commercial environemts including schools and hotels.

ESD Seating

Electrostatic charges, and their resulting discharges (ESD - electrostatic discharge) which present severe risks to the life of electronic equipment in general, and to semiconductor components in particular can be reduced by use of appropriate ESD seating.

Our seating is tested and approved by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) and is in compliance with international standards.

Cabinets and Cupboards

Changing Rooms


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